1. this is a picture that i edited of my 2001 cherokee classic after i flipped it off of the side of state route 136. this picture was taken at 10am on feb. 28th, 2017. it was a rainy day and i was driving to the community college i used to go to. i was speeding down the road in an effort to make it to class on time. i had no seatbelt on, a cigarette in my hand, and i had just turned on some music. a song i used to really like played and i put on my seatbelt on. about 5 minutes later, i hydroplaned and lost control of my jeep. which then resulted in me flipping my jeep about two times. my windshield had shattered. chocolate milk was everywhere. there was smoke coming from under the hood. i had to kick my driver’s side door open to get out. i had gotten a concussion, but nothing super serious. the song that came on was kanye west’s “through the wire,” which he made with his jaw wired shut after getting in a car wreck. the lyric that saved my life was, “thank god i ain’t too cool for the safe belt.”
    when i was 17, a fucking kanye west song saved my life. pretty surreal, huh?
    and now, all you edgy pals can wear one of my very first near-death experiences in style.
    (cait coop)
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